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Embrace the Future, You Have the Power

What is keeping you up at night?  What are the challenges you are facing? From a devastating illness of yourself or child, to  a bad boss or or someone who ruined your day.  Take back your future. Don't react to problens but take control of your emotions.  You have the POWER!!


Laughter is the BEST Medicine

From a very young age, I discovered the power of laughter.  This is the story of my life, facing the daily challeges with laughter and a positive attitude. My journey from surgery to the stage.  ults with longer term stability.


Finding Your Medicine

You may be very upset and feel angry that your child,  after facing a brain tumor with surgery and radiation, are not normal like the other kids.  But you need to accept it as their normal.  Work to find their passion, whatever they love most and embrace their triumphs.  Kyle found a love for comedy that gave him joy and helped him feel special. For Kyle, Laughter Is the BEST Medicine.  Help your child find their medicine, what they love best and brings the most joy.  Find their Best Medicine and you be better able to face the new normal with a joy and a positive attitude.